early early early

5 09 2008

Jeff woke up super early, before 6! Which woke me up and Icouldnt sleep so I made smoothies ( He told me how excited he is for them, he loves them! horray!)

I made two 16 oz glasses with the recipe, and I also had a black plum ( which i didnt like nearly much as the apricot-plum “Pluot”)

1.75 scoops pure protein
1 T ground flax
frozen blueberries
frozen cherries
frozen banana
1 tsp peanut butter
a few ice chunks
1.25 cups 1% milk

Since that breakfast was at 6:30 … (even though smoothies tend to hold me for at least 4 hours…) I will probably have an early mini lunch soon and I am meeting a good friend Caroline for lunch at Whole Foods at 1:15! so excited to seemy friend!




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