Paper is Done

3 09 2008
My first response paper for Minority Health is done! My goal was to finish it by 11 am and I did!

Breakfast was half a protein Smoothie and a Banana with PB! (8:00 am)

Last night I had pasta and chicken sausage with a salad! I took a pic but i need to upload so i will edit it soon

Yesterday i went to the gym and did 35 minutes on the elliptical/arc trainer combo…. I was rushed for time b/c I had to read for class and pick up my car. Turns out my tires were rotated on friday ( for te 55k mile service- i HATE going to the Toyota dealership).. which caused the alignment to be off because one of my tires pulls to the right b/c of pressure/damage from speed bumps/curb hitting ( Which i swear I try so hard not to do!)

Anyway, it cost (Jeff- cuz he paid) $70! They told me they cant really fix the pulling because of the damage to the wheel … Even though once again- I didn’t hit anything! I did bump a curb three years ago but I find it odd that all of a sudden three years later it is pulling to the right after service ( it wasn’t on the way there!)

11:00 AM ( starting to feel a tiny hunger, thought i would note the times) …

I am heading to the gym for hopefully a good lifting session and run, then back to home for shower and lunch, then out to campus to print my paper, research for research methods class and meet with my group before class.

*Gym : Lifted CSTH…chest, shoulders, triceps and hammies! Ran 2.5 miles no pain!! Arc Trainer with alternating resistances 25-45 for 15 minutes~

**Lunch: Grilled chicken strips with broccoli (South Beach Living, Chicken Caprese.. I looked at the ingredient list and all where understandable real ingredients except modified food starch… which I am okay with since I usually stay away from it!)… salad was romaine american salad with gorgonzola crumbles, kashi crackers ( i think like 10-15).

I have NO idea what to do for dinner but I think tonight I will hang the bamboo blinds that do fit…and read biohemistry for adv. nutrient met. tomorrow! and do some “Laural’s Closet Sale”



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