21 08 2008

The teleseminar was “very good” . We had to rate it afterwards and the only thing better than our agreement of “very good” was a rate of “excellent”. It was hard to (hear) understand because it wasn’t in person, it was via telephone/internet. Some new things I learned about other than the DASH diet, AHA diet guidelines for high cholesterol patients I didn’t know is —-that if you are at risk of CVD (cardiovascular disease) you should not take additional Folate/ B-Vitamins ( the study used groups taking only multivitamin, a group took folic acid, a group only taking a B-complex, and a group taking both. They found that all the groups taking the extra supplements (Folic acid, B, Both) had increased “Cardiac Events” How interesting!

Lunch: I had some fresh veggies (snap peas, carrots, broc.), 1 1/4 serving of grilled chicken, and a whole wheat wrap with some feta . I didn’t have much time before the seminar, so I grabbed a half of a protein bar but didnt get hungry!


-Got to campus security and got my Parking Pass

-At the Teleseminar, I met two new classmates! The first (julie) is from CA and has her masters in Neuroscience! I laughed and said My bachelors is in Neuroscience!! Its not super common!
The other (Marcy) moved down here after her family did from PA (just like I did!)

-I walked with Julie out of the seminar and good thing because she let me in on the planner books they gave out at orientation before the dinner monday. We walked over to the nutrition building and my advisor gave me a bag with a notebook, planner, pen, CD, and a decal for my car! I LOVE free stuff!

– After that I walked over to the campus gym, did 40 minutes on the elliptical and biked for 2 miles to cool down!

-When Jeff got home from work- he had a suprise for me! Flowers! Oriental Lillies (my fav) and a bottle of wine… Montelpuciano D Brusso… ( thats the grape i believe- a friend of ours got it and we loved it!) HOW SWEET!! I love when he does that… it almost made me cry because it was so nice.

I made :
-Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks rubbed them with a little oil, seared for 3 minutes, then flipped for 1..

-Curried sweet potatoes: I used two sweet potatoes and made thin slices, tosses in smart balance light, some corinader and curry powder. Microwaved for 5 minutes, then put in a 350 oven for 10+ minutes.

-sauteed zuchinni… I fried a little of it too for Jeff and because its yummy… I used chobani greek yogurt as a batter, then dipped the zuchinnis in cornmeal, then put in a light coating of smart balance oil ( the recipe calls for two inches which I just think is a waste! I hardly ever use ANY!)

We are watching a movie now! Mr. Woodcock… never heard of it..




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